A ketubah is a Jewish prenuptial agreement. It is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage. The ketubah is one of the most popular forms of Jewish art, or Judaica, found in the home. Artists have now revived the ancient art form known as illumination to create ketubahs.

The ketubahs I create are illuminated manuscripts. I imbue my ketubah designs with various symbols that are meaningful in a marriage and in Judaism. I create each ketubah with a deep understanding of the love that a couple shares as they embark on this new journey in their lives.

Please call me to discuss your special Ketubah at 972.713.8786 or e-mail your inquiries to veronique@ketubah-art.com


  • • All Custom Designs: (22 x 30) -$850 (excl. text)
  • • Originals created for print: (22 x 30) -$750 (excl. text)
  • • Giclee, limited edition prints -between $250 – $400


The text of your ketubah can be hand calligraphied or you may purchase through Ketubah.com. For a local calligrapher recommendation, please contact Veronique.

The text depends on the officiating Rabbi. Many text choices are available, including Orthodox, Conservative or Reform texts.